creating idents since 1973 creating identity brands for all media applications for advertising, sonic branding & jingles

It's Simple
If you've reached the point where you want a sound image for your service or product  - have a chat with us at We make all sorts of communication sound branding. We keep the sonic logo simple and create sound imaging that reflects your style and mark. We specailise in 4 & 5 note sound sonic logos.
There are 5 creatives in the firm, all with a super track record in broadcasting and creative advertising. We've provided jingles and sonic logos for companies who want simple branding reflecting their brand.
Commercials & Jingles
As a media company we provide great unique content for clients wanting a new view on what they do. For the most part we help them achieve their needs through making jingles - sung and spoken - for their productions.
We create and write branding for radio stations in the UK & United States and other corporates.

So when you're next looking for some 'left of field' branding without the hype, red braces and big glasses - cut to the chase (sorry) and get in contact. We've got big heads for taking it all in, whatever the project.

Feel free to run your thoughts by us


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